Original Music

Jesse’s Various Original Projects

When Covid-19 hit in 2020, like all musicians, Jesse felt the rut. He decided that writing a song of optimism and hope, in spite of the direct impact of the illness, was the way forward.

In June of 2021, Jesse released his first song that he ever wrote, recorded, produced and performed on as a solo artist.
It’s called “Brand New Day” and it features a cast of Kitchener’s most prestige musicians.

Due to the nature of his release date, (June 21’st 2021), he had been planning on initially reinvesting his earnings from this single back into producing and releasing his music. Since finding out what had happened to Canada’s indigenous children, he has been splitting all earnings of this song with The Six Nations Food Bank of Canada.

Click on the image below to donate, download, and listen to the song.


A Brief history of LoFi Mind

Sometime in the fall of 2013, bandmates Jesse Webber and Ryan Brohman had a bunch of ideas leftover from various recording projects and decided to finish them as a duo. Along the way they asked Craig McNair to join both writing and recording forces with them.
Eventually, Jesse put together a list of local musicians, with fantastic writing capabilities, to join as well.
The band is now made up of a rotating cast of 13 musicians and have released 2 EP records and a full length record.
The current members of LoFi Mind are Ryan Brohman, Craig McNair, Jesse Webber, Darius McKinley, Jenna Peacock, Emily Barkley, Wendy Carraro, Danica Guenette, Nick Barkley, Jack Pender, Danielle Beck, Craig Dozois, and Ryan Cassidy.

Below are the digital download links to all of the current material available for purchase and download. (Click the album cover for more information)

LoFi Mind Volume 1

  1. Some Sunny Day
  2. Something That The Cat Dragged In
  3. Hard To Believe
  4. Makeshift Necklace
  5. Wishful Thinkin’
  6. Dirty Talkin’ Hard Lovin’ Woman
  7. The Ballad of the LoFi Mind

The LoFi Mind 04/20/2014

  1. Matter of Time
  2. Shambles
  3. Have Not Found Myself
  4. In Golden Moments
  5. Honey Harbour
  6. So Bad

LoFi Mind 11

  1. Things Aren’t Like They Used To Be (Young, Wild & Free)
  2. Without You
  3. Ups & Downs
  4. Poor Maggie (Fallen Down)
  5. Gone (You’re Like Twilight)
  6. 8 Legs
  7. Smoke
  8. Wait A Minute
  9. All Wound Up
  10. Seeing Two


The Band That Snowballed into Everything

Early in 2007, Jesse had a completed solo record with a few catchy songs on it. He eventually found out about a nation wide battle of the bands contest called “The Bodog Battle of The Bands”.
When he caught wind of this, he partnered with long time friend, Ryan Brohman, to compile a set list of all-thriller-no-filler, balls-to-the-wall, Rock n’ Roll. Their original rhythm section was a combination of local drummer Christian Reichard (The Jen Militia) and Danny “Droop” Alac (The Droops, The Honeywood Express).
Collectively they placed 2’nd place in Canada out of 5000 competing bands.

Eventually, after a successful tour in England, where they played “The Cavern Club”, along with a list of other notable venues, Christian and Danny returned wanting to start families of their own. This is where Darius McKinley (The Mike Erb Band, The John McKinley Band, Bill Durst) joined on bass, and Dan Byrne (Gran Casino) joined on drums.
Together, they developed a new sound, with a heavier vibe.

Jesse has included a free audio streaming platform below, to listen to the last SweetFire EP for free. This was produced and mixed in 2011 by Darryl Romphf (Hail The Villain, Mike Erb Band, John McKinley Band, Jordan Patterson, Lumberjunk).

Villain (Single)

Dynamite (Single)

One of a Kind

Hit n’ Run

Unreleased Music

Leftover Ideas

As you are now probably aware, Jesse has tried to involve himself with one creative original outlet per year. That being said at the end of it all, there are still some ideas left and unreleased and still in “demo” form.
Here are a few samples of some of those ideas.

Shady Scene


Built for Three (Live)

Ordinary Friend

If you would like to financially contribute to futher fund & release Jesse’s projects, please send a charitable donation to jessewebbermusic@gmail.com